The Affair

An enticing word on the brink of being a tease;
Secretly wished by all, afraid to appease!
Bordering on the moral fences of societal norm,
Hidden under wraps but exists in platonic or any other form.

Emotional tug or a tumble in the hay,
It is scintillating indeed, they say!
The right and the wrongs just a scale to weigh,
The exhilaration of unchartered waters leads the way!

To pin a reason is difficult, so is the game they play,
Adrenaline rush is the motivation to run astray!
The flirtatious exchanges make for an interesting foreplay!
Swimming against the current, a foolish move or a daring display? I dare not say!

Vanprasthashram-The Final Leg

It’s time to pass the baton, otherwise the relay won’t happen,
Simple is the logic, yet difficult to accept, its almost tragic!
To let go of the power, to abandon the throne,
Expected by all but easier said than done!

Vedic stages of life illustrating a path as guidance,
Making us humans independent enough to balance
Various phases of our living and existence
After enjoying the marital bliss, it’s indeed tough
When time comes to retire, to let go of action
Handing over the reins to the next generation!

Vanprasthashram- not a physical expedition,
Albeit a journey of awareness and self- actualisation,
Of detachment from the material world;
Time for the untouched spirituality to unfurl!

The Rickshawallah

The Rickshawallah was a polite demure man,
Told me his lifestory in a short time span!
Ensured my 3 year old kid could sit properly;
Before the vehicle sped into the nearby alley.
The mask sitting tight on the bridge of his nose;
Palms all rough with sanitizer that flowed.
Conversation veering from covid to hobby
He plays Tabla for his beloved Krishna at a nearby Haveli!
Such a multifaceted man with eyes that smile,
Reminded me to take everything as I got out with my huge pile;
Assured me in the same breath, just in case he will return the lost things and go the extra mile,
For I realised, he was a teacher who taught music and honesty to his students once upon a time!


कई बार जहन में ये खयाल आता है,
अपनी अलग सी दुनिया बसाने को जी चाहता है,
जहा मन को मारकर ना जीना पड़े,
ना सुलह की जंजीर में बंधना पड़े।

कभी नन्हीं कली की मुस्कान रोक लेती है,
कभी लोक लज्जा की लक्ष्मण रेखा थाम लेती है,
भविष्य का अकेलापन कदमों को वही जकड़ लेता है,
जीवन का सूनापन सोचकर मन काप उठता है।

काश समय को बदला जा सकता,
काश घड़ी को पीछे घुमा सकते,
काश के होने वाले पल की चेतावनी मिल सकती,
आज की कश्मकश से दूर होने का रास्ता मिल जाता।

मुसालिहत करके जीना भी कोई जीना है,
तन्हा सफर काटना भी तो एक सजा है।
जब आगे कुआ पीछे खाई, तब किसे अपनाए?
आखिर समझौता संसार का नियम है,ये बात समझ आई।


The not so subtle art of embellishing events,
In good times or bad, the need to dramatize and vent;
Continues to exist even in denial and dissent,
Truth be known, the world loves to overstate and overemphasize to not so lesser extent!

Penchant for colourful and inflated statements,
Weakness that mankind has without any dispute;
Even Adam and Eve couldn’t stop themselves,
From the over hyped, exaggerated forbidden fruit!

In the era of breaking news, everything is about grabbing eyeballs,
The attention seeking media, the ever so curious audience; both well aware of pitfalls.
Resorting to over- play, the only thing to stay in fray,
Exaggeration then is the only key, however may it sound cliché!

Why do we exaggerate, no science can explain!
Our desire to stand out, to out weigh pushes us albeit in vain.
To show the world our unique selling point,
Playing to the gallery, to win the spectators mind!

Simplicity — lost in this game of hyperbole;
Sounds good as figure of speech, in literature or bole.
Trust gets ambushed in this sport of overkill,
Understated elegance looses its charm and goodwill!

Alas! This human fraility which ails the mankind,
The one upmanship and exaggeration give birth to deception, I must remind!
It blurs the line between false and truth; in the spirit of grandiose gestures outdone,
Man fails to see the elaborate web of lies he has spun!


What do you think of, when one says “The Shawshank redemption?”
The murder, his tenure or his talent?
I don’t remember it for either, nor for the Escape!
I remember it for Andy’s words, his regret and his indifference!
Yes! The indifference that changed his Life for worse!
He didn’t pull the trigger; But his detached demeanor drove his Relationship apart!
The fractured relationship was the effect of detachment, in turn the cause of his Drunkenness!
The cause and effect intertwined, such that he didn’t kill his wife but carried the Guilt Forever!
The movie is more about his journey, as a consequence of the circumstances but Remorse stays!
The movie makes us reflect upon the fragility of relationships and the            far reaching effects of our everyday Behaviour!
One moment we take the world for granted, in love or in anger, the next moment life sentences us, making us Seek Redemption!
The bond with Red, made Andy human again, filled with hope and emotions.
Relationship saved Red and Andy both!
The most important learning from this movie: Treasure Relationships!


We love giving advice, solicited or unsolicited;
The uninvited suggestions are the most passionate ones to be cited,
Free of charge and filled with tips, baited and at times hated!

Everyone thinks they are the experts, ah so wise!
Doling out suggestions like some valuable prize!
The person receiving it, at best a dumb novice,
Who requires coaching and well meaning advice!

We love giving it, but receiving it fills us with distaste.
Advice often is one way street, rejected in haste
Often in arrogance or misplaced confidence interlaced!

Often seen is thin line between advice and instructions;
One never knows where it starts and then overlaps,
The subtle hints,the opinions suddenly take form of diktats!

Indeed valuable is advice, when it comes from the learned and wise,
Take it with a pinch of salt, aware of the irony yet I would advice!
After all world is filled with people who pretend to be wise!


A beautiful word created for us to make mistakes!
A word so frequently used, not sure what it takes,
A slightest nudge and pops out the word without a fuss,
Yet when a grave mistake happens it’s not enough!

Has the word been so loosely used for years,
That it has lost its sheen, fodder only for ears
It at times feels the solace in it is lost
Providing lip service, without any cost!

Should we come up with something else?
Which will mean something to the apologetic self?
Or should we simply do away with the word?
When in reality it is empty and at times unheard!

Won’t the word be enriched, if sprinkled with regret indeed,
Not just a namesake but remorse for the deed,
Repent for the act, seeking penitence,
And not just a pretence to do away with impertinence!


ऐसेही खामोशियां बढ़ती रही,
अचानक अल्फ़ाजो की कमि महसूस हुई।
क्या कहे कहने को कुछ बचा न था
क्या सच में दरार पड़ गई?

वह आदत जो कभी नजरंदाज की
अब नासूर बनकर तड़पाने लगी।
दिल में सुलगते हुए अरमानों की ज्वाला बन गई!
क्या सच में रिश्ते में दरार पड़ गई?

कभी साथ में चलते थे दोनों के कदम,
अब शौकिया चीज़ भी साथ रास ना आए।
अब बन गए हम नदी के दो किनारे, जो कभी साथ ना चल पाए!
क्या सच में रिश्ते में दरार पड़ गईं?

इसी सवाल को टटोलता है ये दिल,
जो नजर ना आए ऐसी लकीर खिंच गई।
ये कब और कैसे हुआ, ये समझने की चाह भी खो चुका दिल।
हा ये सच है –रिश्ते में दरार पड़ गईं!

Ego & Anger

When pride took a back seat making ego the driver,
Anger invited to rode along as co- passenger,
Driving Human race towards the apocalypse no wonder!

Since eons, ego and anger are with Man
An enemy, a parasite that clings since the first dawn.
Under the guise of pride, ego rears it’s ugly head,
Hurting and bruising every one who treads;
The sharp arrows of hurt hurled with intention,
Injuring the heart, the anger seeks satisfaction!

For those whose world revolves around the mighty ego,
Slowly realising people have left a long time ago;
Now  anger simmers within, burning smallest of things,
Friends and happiness at a distance to begin,
Ailments galore, filling the body from within!
Real feelings concealed, hidden and buried,
Unsure, to share, lest anger and ego shred it;
Relationship now a sham, on declining path;
Scared to voice, fearing the sinner’s wrath.

Will the Man absolve, redeem and gain veneration?
Civilizations will come and go, men will rise and fall,
Ego and anger since time unknown unfortunately continue to stand tall!